Private Educational Institutions Regulatory Authority ICT-PEIRA

Revised SOPs for Safe Re-Opening of Educational Activities while taking Precautionary Measures to Counteract COVID-19

A. Minimum Standards to be followed:
  1. No person shall be allowed in school premises without wearing a mask (including staff, students and management).
  2. Entry and exit points at school to be managed to avoid queue formation(the schools must plan and execute a proper mechanism inside and outside school premises during drop-off and pick-up).
  3. School staff and students to be screened with thermal guns at entrance gate and ailing/ sick staff or students (having temperature/ cough or any other symptoms) not to be allowed to enter school.
  4. Disinfection of students’ shoes and hands to be conducted at school entrance(while entering and leaving school premises). Besides, containers for hand sanitizing to be installed at entry and exit points at school(with a proper mechanism to ensure its round-the-clock readiness for usage).
  5. All possible areas of contact in classroom including tables, chairs must be disinfected on daily basis (before start of classes).
  6. Classrooms with proper ventilation mechanism to be used only (windows to be kept opened and exhaust fans to be installed).
  7. There must be a proper seating arrangement in order; only a maximum of 10-15students to be allowed in a classroom(keeping in view maintenance of social distancing).
  8. Regular breaks may be arranged for students to wash hands on hourly basis/ after every class period.
  9. Teachers to be sensitized about general health of all students.
  10. Students to be educated about contraction/ transmission of coronavirus, importance of hand hygiene and minimum distance to be maintained.Intra-school awareness campaigns for counteracting COVID-19 may also be organized by schools’ management.
  11. Students must be kept in isolated groups and no gatherings shall be allowed at all.
  12. Washrooms must be disinfected on hourly basis and soaps/ hand sanitizers must be in-place.
  13. There should be minimum indulgence of students in extra-curricular activities and strict ban on all kinds of large gatherings including sports matches, cultural events or festivals to be observed.
  14. Cafeteria/ canteen etc. to remain closed in school premises. Edibles to be discouraged during school-timings. However, oral intake of fluid should be improved in order to keep students hydrated and ONLY PAKCAGED FOOD can be allowed on campus.
  15. Chain Schools (multiple branch schools) to develop a monitoring mechanism by hiring healthcare professionals to check all safety measures and periodically submit reports to ICT-PEIRA.


a. Disinfection Sprays and Walk-through Sensitization Gates shall not be allowed, in order to keep the surface and objects dry, and, there shall be Zero Tolerance on entry without mask. For sensitization/ disinfecting purposes, hand rub dispensers to be installed at entry points.

b. There shall be Staggered Approach for maintaining social distance at school/ classroom level and there shall be Zero Tolerance on Density Management.


a. School timing may be decreased to 3 hours a day (grade-wise) and only prioritized subjects i.e. Science, Mathematics, Computer Science etc. can be taught mainly.

However, other subjects including Languages, Social Studies etc. may be taught online/ virtual classrooms, whereas, the schools following conventional method of teaching may allocate designated time slots for these subjects,once in a week.

b.There may also be a designated school timing for each level i.e.

    1. For Primary & Elementary Level (till Grade 08): Early Morning Shift (08:00 am-11:00 am)
    2. For Secondary & Higher Secondary Level (from Grade 09 onward): Late Morning Shift (11:30 am-02:30 pm)

Note:   Any PEI found violating the above stated SOPs shall get its educational activities suspended/ sealing of campus for an indefinite time-period, along with imposition of penalty/ fine.