Private Educational Institutions Regulatory Authority ICT-PEIRA

Time-bound Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for Registration of a Private Educational Institution (PEI) in ICT

 The cases for Registration of Private Educational Institutions (PEIs) located in Islamabad Capital Territory shall be processed by the Private Educational Institutions Regulatory Authority (ICT-PEIRA) as per the following Time-bound SOPs:

  1.  Application for Registration can be filed through Android-based PEIRA School RegistrationMobile App or through ICT- PEIRA’s official website at
    a.     E-copy of
    Application Forms is also available online and can also be acquired from Admn & HR Section of ICT-PEIRA on written request along with receipt of form fee, to be deposited in HBL- FBISE Branch, Sector H-8, Islamabad. The fee shall only be deposited on the prescribed challan form that is available online/ in the branch concerned as there shall be no cash handling for the purpose at ICT- PEIRA’s office.
    b.    In case a PEI has obtained an Application Form and remains unsuccessful in submitting a duly filled Application for Registration in 60-days’ time-frame, operations of respective PEI shall be considered non-compliant, unregistered, and illegal.
  2. The Revised Checklist of required documents to be submitted along with the filled Application Form shall also be enclosed with the Registration Form for the convenience of applicants.
  3. Application for Registration (duly filled) along with set of required documents for the registration of PEIs on the prescribed format shall be submitted to ICT-PEIRA.
  4. The received applications of registration shall be forwarded to the Registration Section earliest for scrutiny of documents and further processing.
  5. The Registration Application shall be checked by the Registration Section and shortcomings (if any) in the documents required shall be conveyed to the concerned PEI within one week.
  6.   Upon fulfillment of all documentary requirements as per Checklist, payment of prescribed fee and completion of registration application in all terms registration section shall inform PEI concerned within one week for submission of filled Inspection Proforma (available on official website
  7.   Upon receipt of filled Inspection Proforma and required documents the Inspection date shall be conveyed by the registration section at least 2-3 days prior to Inspection Visit.
  8. The Inspection Team shall be approved by the Chairperson comprising of 2-3 members with one member from outside PEIRA nominated out of the available pool of education experts, society representatives, subject specialists, retired teachers etc.
  9.    The Secretary of the Inspection team shall be PEIRA employee who shall be responsible for the coordination for the visit and compiling the draft Inspection Report.
  10.  The inspection shall be conducted by the team as per the given schedule and the team shall be received at the PEI by management, the PEI Presentation/ Briefing shall be made by PEI management during the first hour of the visit along with required details.
  11.     The detailed presentation of PEI shall be followed by the visit of PEI for verification of records submitted by the PEI along with the application for registration.
  12.    The Inspection Team members shall visit the premises, building, classrooms, labs, offices, playgrounds, canteen etc to observe the quality of teaching & learning practices and overall learning environment.
  13.   The team members shall record their Academic & General Observations both in Quantitative and Qualitative aspects and convey those observations (in writing/ verbal) immediately to the secretary of the Inspection Team.
  14.     The secretary of the team (PEIRA employee) shall submit the draft report in the one-week time frame for approval of the Authority.
  15.   In case of meeting all requirements, criteria, and documentary requirements, the Registration Certificate shall be issued by the office of the Chairperson-PEIRA upon receiving the complete file along with Satisfactory Inspection Report from the Registration section.
  16.   The observations shall be conveyed to PEI concerned after 2-3 weeks of the
    inspection and
    Compliance Report (if required for any shortcoming) shall be asked for submission by the PEI within 45 days of conveying the observations.
  17.   Upon receiving the Compliance Report against observations conveyed by PEIRA, the PEI shall be informed about the Final Decision of the Authority regarding registration, and Inspection Visit Report shall be shared with PEI concerned for the purpose of improvement
  18.   The PEI shall have the Right of Appeal to be submitted (if desired) within 30 days of the receipt of the Final Decision to the Chairperson PEIRA for consideration and review of the earlier decision.
  19.     The Chairperson shall review the Appeal and final decision of the competent authority shall be conveyed to PEI concerned within 30 days of receiving the Appeal.
  20.     The Chairperson, ICT-PEIRA shall review the Appeal, and the final decision of the competent authority shall be conveyed to PEI concerned within 30 days of receiving the Appeal.