Private Educational Institutions Regulatory Authority ICT-PEIRA

Brief on Registration Branch of PEIR

Registration Branch is performing its functions related to Registration and Renewal of Registration of Private Educational Institutions (PEIs) within territorial jurisdiction of Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) under the supervision of Member Registration.

The process of Registration and Renewal has been streamlined, unnecessary formalities have been dropped off by introducing time to time SOPs. Registration and renewal of registration has been much simplified so that majority of PEIs do not need any type of formal or informal assistance for completing the requisite modalities and feel encouraged to directly respond to the outreach of the Regulator/Authority (PEIRA).

Major functions of Registration Branch are as under:

  • Providing desk information to Visitors / Representatives of PEIs/ Principals and Owners for opening of new school for Registration or Renewal of Registration;
  • Scrutiny of documents before submission of application form to Chairperson (PEIRA) office;
  • Correspondence with Representatives of PEIs/ Principals and Owners regarding time to time SOPs and other related matters of registration and renewal of registration;
  • Seeking reconciliation of regulatory fee vouchers/ bank draft/ fee challans for registration/renewal of registration;
  • Scheduling of Inspections for registration or upgradation of school;
  • Getting approval of Inspection teams and tentative schedule;
  • Conducting Inspections and afterward preparation of Inspection Reports, either for compliance on observations or for improvement by school management;
  • In case, observations raised by inspection team are serious and needs compliance reports from the school management, letters are sent to schools for compliance on Observations within stipulated time;
  • In case, the prerequisite are fulfilled by the school management, processing files for award of registration to the Authority (PEIRA);
  • After due approval of Authority (PEIRA) and fulfilment of codal formalities, the file is forwarded for preparation of registration certificate alongwith minor observations for improvement;
  • Coordination and providing assistance to Account Office of PEIRA regarding Internal Audit and External Audit of Payable dues of PEIs;
  • Prepare and maintain database covering various statistics about the privately managed educational institutions of ICT;
  • Updating of database with addition of PEIs, change of level/building/management and any other changes as these occur;
  • Responsibility of overall files / cases of PEIs and keeping record office align;
  • Coordination with Deputy Commissioner office regarding monthly Polio Immunization Campaign and writing letters to all PEIs and follow up by managing refusal cases from PEIs;
  • Coordination with Ministry of Narcotics Control, regarding conducting meeting of CEOs of PEIs for drug control or time to time awareness campaigns;