Private Educational Institutions Regulatory Authority ICT-PEIRA



The Government of Pakistan is fully committed to provide education to every child in the Islamabad Capital Territory. The article 25- A of the Constitution of Pakistan provides right of free and compulsory education to all children and in order to actualize the state’s commitments to its citizens with respect to providing free and compulsory education to all children in ICT region, the role of PEIRA is crucial for realization of state’s constitutional obligations. PEIRA is emphasizing on developing such initiatives and programmes through which it can be ensured that no child should left out of school just because of financial constraints.

Performing its prime function of registering private educational institutions in Islamabad Capital Territory with a focus on inclusiveness and equity in education provision, PEIRA is aiming at strengthening the LFPS- low fee private schools operating in its territory through making policy interventions so that provision of quality education to all sections of the society is ensured.

It is my considerate opinion that education is not only meant for getting jobs and better living standard but it has a much wider role to play in the overall development of a society. It not only helps in poverty alleviation but also trains the human resource to act as the agents of change in their respective fields.

With a belief that education is the building block of a country to meet modern day challenges besides developing the youth as future leaders, provision of quality education to every child becomes most important to create knowledge based societies to promote innovation. For this, PEIRA is entrusted with a huge responsibility to ensure provision of quality education in private educational institutions of ICT and perform as a model educational regulatory authority for all provinces of Pakistan.

Rana Tanveer Hussain