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Ministry of Federal Education & Professional Training (FE&PT)

Private Educational Institutions Regulatory Authority (PEIRA)


Islamabad: November 04, 2020

Subject:          Invitation to Parents/ Students for a Consultative Meeting Regarding Fee-Determination Policy

It is shared with all that ICT-PEIRA is in process of developing a Fee-Determination Policy for PEIs (in compliance of the directions of the Honorable Islamabad High Court (IHC) on W.P. No. 2274 of 2019 dated February 28, 2020), for which requisite data was acquired from private educational institutions- PEIs and its analysis is under-way.

2.      Keeping in view the concerns frequently raised by parents/ students at various forums, it has been decided to involve all stakeholders in the process of developing a fee-determination policy.


3.   Therefore, the parents/ students associated with any private sector educational institution (offering education up to Grade XII/ higher secondary or equivalent level), and operating in Islamabad Capital Territory, are hereby openly invited to be part of the consultative process to highlight and discuss their concerns and reservations regarding the framework (if any).

 4.   In this regard a meeting is planned wherein parents/ students are requested to attend and formally register their valid concerns and valuable suggestions with regards to Fee-Determination Policy. To register for participation in meeting, the interested parents/ students can fill the online form which can be accessed at the following web link: Further detail in this regard can also be accessed at the official website of ICT-PEIRA.

5.    ICT-PEIRA reiterates its commitment to develop consensus in the policy-making process in order to ensure policy-ownership by all stakeholders, and your cooperation in this regard shall be highly appreciated.

  Please note that due to COVID restrictions, only a limited number of participants will be accommodated (on a first-come, first-served basis).  

Syed Khurram Abbas

Policy & Coordination Wing

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