Registered Institutes

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EMIS No School Name Head Name School Level Zone/ Sector Address Registration Status
11041 Ali Model School Mr Hamza Ikhlaq primary Select Zone/Sector Nain Sukh, Near Jamia Masjid Rehmatulilalamin, Bhara Kahu, Islamabad. Registered
22017 Al Suffah Junior Model School Ms Shehla Waheed Middle Select Zone/Sector Village Partal, Lethrar Road, Alipur, Islamabad. Registered
22155 The Ideal School Mr Muhammad Saeed middle Select Zone/Sector Waris Valley, Tarlai, Islamabad Registered
24029 Jinnah Muslim School and College Mr Akhtar Ali higher_secondary Select Zone/Sector Park Road, PO Tarlai, Islamabad. Registered
34006 Concordia College (Margalla Campus) Prof Asad Ullah Khan higher_secondary Select Zone/Sector Main Double Road, Near Sangjani Toll Plaza Sector D-17, Islamabad. Registered
51096 The Educators (National Campus) Dr Ejaz Rafi Butt Primary Select Zone/Sector House No. 21, Street No. 19, Sector G-8/1, Islamabad Registered
54014 Modern Language School & College Mr Zofran Ilahi Higher Secondary Select Zone/Sector Plot No. 12, Main Service Road (North), Sector I-11/3, Islamabad Registered
55008 Froebel`s International School Ms Fauzia Ali Bukhari O/A Level Select Zone/Sector Plot No. 10, Street No. 13, Sector F-7/2, Islamabad. Registered