Private Educational Institutions Regulatory Authority ICT-PEIRA

Academics Section of ICT-PEIRA

Academics Section is performing its functions related to the curricular and co-curricular activities of the PEIs in ICT- Islamabad Capital Territory. The main function of the Academics Section is to develop a conducive educational environment in private educational institutions operating in the jurisdiction of ICT, in order to enhance skills of students by organizing different activities.

Major functions of Academics Section are given as follows:

  • Preparation and publication of Reports on various activities of ICT-PEIRA
  • Performance Evaluation of registered PEIs in ICT.
  • Ensure that the services, quality of education being provided by PEIs and salary of teachers commensurate with the fee being charged by the PEIs.
  • Devise mechanism for monitoring of PEIs and evaluation of academic performance.
  • Organize inter-institutional sports, debates and science exhibitions on inter-institutional basis in order to provide healthy competition environment for student to develop their skills.